EG’s history and tradition dates to the 18th century, with humble beginnings in the fertile Pampas region of Southern Brazil. As European immigrants settled the land and growing families matured into blossoming communities, a very proud and time honored heritage was forged.


As days drew to a close, the Gaúchos, or Southern Brazilian cowboys, would gather, and with the fruit of their labor – their harvest, their livestock – they would celebrate with family and friends. And so the Churrasco, the open-fire roasting of meats, emerged as an integral and most social component within the Gaúcho tradition.

Today, we welcome you into our home and invite you to gather your family, friends, neighbors, or colleagues in Dallas/Ft. Worth to delight in a genuine churrasco celebration. Start your own tradition, Gaúcho-style. 

As an independent, family-owned restaurant, entertaining guests with great food and exceptional service isn’t about business, it’s our legacy. Great care and attention to detail go into selecting only the very best – from the numerous gourmet cuts of meat and freshest of salads to award winning wines and delectable desserts – and pairing it with an ambience that creates a memory guests will want to relive time and time again. This isn’t just dinner. This is a celebration.

In March of 2013, DFW welcomed a delicious addition to its list of local restaurants. Located just south of Stonebriar Centre on Highway 121 and Preston Road, Estilo Gaúcho brings the tradition of Southern Brazil to North Texas.