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It’s likely our lives will never be the same at the end of 2020’s historic pandemic, no matter how much things may improve once it’s all said and done. For our immediate and extended families, vendors, growers, and certainly for you, our guests, the new “normal" may well be anything but. Perhaps in the end it is as they say: the only constant in life is change. And while we've made a couple, the quality of our food, our passion for our heritage, and our heart for hospitality will always remain.

Having said this, we are as excited as ever to introduce our reimagined tasting menu, starting with a selection of chef curated and beautifully plated salads. Inspired by the flavors and influences of our former Harvest Table, these are plated by our chefs uniquely for you and brought directly to your table. We welcome you to explore these amazing options to find comfort in an old favorite, or to possibly discover a new. Our chefs will then personally follow, presenting USDA Prime cuts of beef, as well as pork, chicken and fish, each from our grill and to your plate. Staples like cheese bread and fried banana, as well as traditional sides such as our garlic mashed potatoes, chicken stroganoff, Brazilian black beans, and roasted vegetable medley, among others, are also available still for you to enjoy to your heart's content.

We've paired this exciting new menu and service style with some amazing mixologist crafted cocktails, and also feature a number of award winning wines from the world over at up to 50% off our list price.


This is a more intimate, relaxed and personal experience we now provide, with a heightened focus on truly what's most important: you, our guest. 


With this, we'd like to welcome you back to EG Steak, a modern Steakhouse from Brazil. It is our honor to serve you again.



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